frequently asked questions


is there any risk with sea kayaking?
every outdoor pursuit has an element of risk. we minimize risk with our high standard equipment and professional guides.
i don’t know how to swim.
you need to be able to swim to participate on the tours. if you can’t swim and still want to kayak, our office needs to be notified and an extra guide employed to accompany the non-swimmer.
can we choose the routes and organize a private tour?
it is our favourite tour, please contact us and we can start planning.
in what conditions would the tour be cancelled, and would i be refunded the payment?

if weather conditions are too bad to run the tour, payment will be refunded.

i booked and paid for the tour but was unable to attend, can i still get a refund?

cancellations; 24 hrs before a day tour, 2 weeks before a camp tour, refunds will be paid.

can vegan, vegetarians or people with food allergies join the tours?

we provide special diets for vegans and vegetarians, for food allergies contact the office.

what are your precautions for illness, accidents and emergencies?

for emergencies we have a support boat on call with a trained lifeguard. our guides carry first aid kits and safety equipment and are all first aid certified.

can i go fishing from the kayak?

the sea kayaks are not suitable for fishing, but you can fish from the shore at breaks and camp.

i am disabled, can i go sea kayaking?

we would like to offer our tours and services to everyone, please contact our office.

can i organize a private tour with our children?

we can arrange private family tours; the minimum age of the child is 7 and they should know how to swim.

what is the minimum age to join a tour?

12 years plus or 6 years plus if you are paddling with a parent.

daily tours

what should i wear for a daily tour?

important items to protect against the sun.

long sleeve wet top, with uv protection preferred
shorts, swim kit
sandals or wet shoes
hat, bandana or buff

what should i bring?
  • waterproof sun cream
  • lip balm(optional)
  • 1.5 ltr water
  • personal medication
  • snacks
  • id or passport
    seakayakoy provides a 5ltr dry bag, these are best used with a plastic zip bag inside.
where can i leave my stuff?

the gear you do not wish to carry with you can be secured at our base camp.

it is my first time will i receive any training?

to have a good experience you will have a briefing from our guides. the guide will also instruct you in basic skills.

if i get tired and can’t paddle anymore?

our daily tours are short distances with plenty of swim and rest breaks. snacks and water should be carried to renew energy levels.

we also have our lifeboat on the coast for emergency cases.

camping tours

what should i bring?

every guest will be given a 5 litre dry bag.
please bring only necessary requirements for the tour. if you are coming with friends, check with each other that you are not bringing extra or two of

  • the same things.
  • wash kit
  • extra clothes
  • warm clothes
  • rain jacket
  • head torch and spare batteries
  • sleeping bag
  • bug spray
  • sandals
  • inflatable pillow (optional)
  • towel

i don’t have any camping experience

our guides will show you how to put your tent up and teach you basic camping skills.

who is cooking the dinners?

we provide the food, ingredients and utensils for you to prepare and cook your own meals.

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