our principles

sea kayaking is a great alternative to mass tourism in the region. our purpose is to use that potential and create a positive impact for all stakeholders surround us; wildlife, nature and local community.

in the pursuit of developing a sustainable platform for the region, sustainable tourism guidelines are some of the most important guiding principles for seakayakoy:

respect for nature; keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum

we aim to reduce our impact as much as possible and with that aim:

  • we do our grocery shopping from the local farmers who has a regenerative agriculture cooperative and they grow their products with non-genetically modified seeds, without using any pesticides. so we support them by buying their products for our trips.
  • on our trips, we avoid single use plastics and we choose reuse products, upcycling, recycling and repairing.
  • we compost our food waste from the trips in our base camp and use that compost for the fruit trees and in our vegetable no dig garden
  • we regularly do beach clean ups and pack our kayaks with rabbish we find on the beach. we aim to leave a beach cleaner than we found.
  • to reduce our carbon foot print, our menus on the camping trips are mostly plant based meals.
  • we practice ‘’leave no trace’’’ principles in order to not leave any impact in places we camp or travel to.
support small local business;

we prefer to work with the small local bussinesses (pensions, cafes, restaurants) that have the similar ethics to our company. we do our shopping from the local farmers who grow non gmo seeds with no pesticide.

create opportunities for young people; developing new skills and professions.

outdoor guiding is now a worldwide recognized profession, however it is not so recognised and well known as a profession in turkey. we aim to train young people who can pursuit an outdoor carreer with international standards. we want to see our junior guides and sea kayaking standards in turkey up to international standards.

continuous development; receive and give certified training to increase knowledge and skills.

our guides hold international first aid, bronze life guard, sea kayaking awards. they know the region very well. our team try to develop their skills internationally in bigger sea conditions in every opportunity.

we support our guides with a trainig budget for them to be trained nationally and internationally.

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